Unleashing You

Unleashing You!

Remember you are the only constant in your life.

There is only one thing that remains after everything else is gone and that is YOU. Everything else will come and go.
Wealth will come and go (trust me when I tell you that some of the wealthiest people have gone bust). Friends will come and go (and that some of the most loving and caring people have been left the most lonely).
Jobs will come and go (and that some of the greatest careers have had to come to the most unceremonious end). But at the end each of these moments in time, one thing is for sure, you will always be you.

Stay true to your purpose and invest in it. Remember from my book ‘Life & You’, in the absence of purpose and a plan to realize it; every event in life becomes a life determining event. You can only be greater than the moment, if you allow yourself to be YOU!”

Unleash the power within you, bravely fight your battles.

I had these plants that completely refused to grow, so I decided to move them into a corner of shame; out of the beautiful garden spread into this corner where I repair ailing plants.
To my surprise they started to grow with amazing speed so only then did I realize that they were in the shadow of the other bigger plants.
Then I decided to plant them in another place in the garden with better light to give them a second chance at life and only two weeks later they are now all producing the most beautiful flowers; go figure!

Life lesson right there: there is a beautiful flower in all of us irrespective of how shrouded we may be; just find your space and watch the magic!”

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