Life and You

Life and You Life and You

This book is an important attempt to analyze the challenges of conflict that people come up against these days. It is a new phenomenon in this part of the world (black Africa), where for so long people have felt secure in an environment of age-old tradition. This new society of brutal competition in business and politics alike provides a divergent perspective that compels us to revisit our approach to life.

Magavilla makes us examine ourselves and confront what is false, so that the dilemmas of everyday living will not overwhelm us, but will enable us to assume our lives through a stability, which he helps us to discover in our own selves.

This book has been written in a manner that just simply makes sense to any keen reader. It is loaded in some areas, but the author highlights key points that are meant to resonate in your mind as you move between passages.

It is extremely refreshing to note that this work is the product of a son of Africa; someone who is from this part of the world speaking in verses that are just as much global as they are local. Magavilla’s choice of characters to depict what he often terms to be scenarios resulting from our life experience is a powerful quality of this work. Most memorable of these characters is Sudi Lugembe who sets the momentum for the characters that follow in the very first chapter. He is a character that we can all relate to; he is either us or someone whom we know. This is a pattern that Magavilla weaves quite well throughout the whole book; telling us what we know but have never taken the time to fully internalize in such a holistic manner.

The book is a must read for anyone really, but will strike a particularly sharp cord with anyone who is at a cross road or has recollections of a crossroad that they have gone through.

Magavilla has done as much as one can do in 87 pages leaving you ready to the rest.

Book title: Life & You – A guided journey through self
Author: Costantine V. Magavilla
Publisher: Media Express Ltd
Cover Illustration: Anaeli Kihunrwa
Photograph: Raque Mohamed
Pages: 87
Cost: TZS 10,000/=; USD 10 (shipment not included)

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