The Passion Prophesy

No one is meant to be perfect, but everyone is meant to be; do what you do best until you become?

Success is a factor of what you do and how often you do it and the unique competencies you develop as a result.  If you are passionate and persistent at it,  whatever it may be that you do;  you are increasing your chances of collecting dividends from the same. These unique competencies ultimately can be exchanged for a currency of your choice in the market in order to result into the political,  social, professional, monetary or otherwise dividends that we often label as success.  

Throughout my life,  I have been inspired by what I now call “Passion Prophets”; people whose main asset has been their unqualified passion;  their dream to achieve and the manifestation of the same. Almost religiously these people become successful in what they do as a result.

Their success has almost consistently been a factor of the combination of what they do over time and their passion for what they do positioning them in the minds and hearts of others.  

I was once arguably a Passion Prophet. I had dreams that I was passionate about, and was more than willing to forego my comfort zone to preserve them. But overtime my focus shifted from my sense of security (primarily in my abilities and dreams) to my sense of insecurity (primarily from my in-abilities and fears). I put aside my dreams so I could become a professional at building the dreams of others.  

On the other hand these great men and women known to me only as Passion Prophets, live solely for the purpose of building on their own dreams,  if not in the short term,  then definitely in the long term. They profess their faith to whoever is willing to listen and live by example working tirelessly to see their dreams through. And although Passion Prophets may aspire for the best, they are not perfect.

Passion Prophets admit failure but do not accept defeat.  Passion Prophets accept their weaknesses and build on and profess their strengths (remember from Life & You: in the absence of strengths all we have are weaknesses to show).  

Passion Prophets are fully aware that nobody is meant to be perfect but everyone is meant to become so long as we do what we do best often enough to acquire unique competencies. 

As part of your daily reflection,  I invite you to routinely ask yourself the following questions: 
1) Why am I doing what I do? 
2) What will I become if I keep doing it? 
3) What unique competencies have I gained? 
4) What dividends can I get or am I getting as a result? 

2010: the year to be. 
The future is closer than we tend to think, in effect, for some it has already passed? The only thing that beats the power of planning for the future is the power of executing for it… In 2010, may the future be closer within reach and may we be granted the power to act on it as opposed to just reflecting on it.

Magavilla 2009 | love lives forever; invest in it. |

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